Wilde wilde Wesen

"Sometimes you just want to leave your own skin in the cloakroom and be someone else. How must we appear in order to belong? What stories would our wounds, scars and traits tell? What memories have our bodies collected?"
Wilde wilde Wesen is the first object-theater collaboration with the company Mikro-Kit.

Premiere on 25.4.19 at The Schaubude Berlin, more dates on 26-27-28.4.19.

The project is coproduced by T-Werk Potsdam, Figurentheater Alte Fuhrhalterei Osnabrück and funded by HKF Berlin.


A 700 square meter big part of the Helen Keller school in Charlottenburg was given to the Sinneswandel GmbH to bring to life their vision of an integration kindergarten. The challenge was to create an orientation system for the building that is fun and appropriate for children and to create rooms that invite to explore, recreate and at the same time offer places of retreat and safety.
A tree as the symbol for growth and development was the root idea of the design concept. The three floors stand for root, trunk and crown of a tree. For each floor Baukind developed together with the Atelier Perelà an original color concept and animal characters that correspond to and live around root, trunk and crown of a tree. The animals accompany the kids from the entrance door to their groups that are named after these animals: fox group, rabbit group, etc.


What happens when a clarinet, and accordion and a bunch of objects meet together? A charming musical journey for babies and their families on the red carpet of the Tischlerei - Deutsche Oper Berlin.

Gideon’s Tale

Gideon's Tale is a tender love story about curiosity, diversity and the courage of self acceptance. A journey into a world of white cutout paper, animated with stopmotion and live-action technique.

CREDITS | Story, Chiara Pagano • Illustrations, Alessandro Maggioni • Direction, Animation, Alessandro Maggioni, Amrei Andrasch • Music, Marco Bianchi • Graphic Design, Stefano Mandato • Production, Atelier Perelà

Augmented Stage

How can a real puppet interact with digital sensor, reaching new dimensions and meanings for the puppeteering world? This was the core of BadaboomBerlin research in the summer art Residency at Schaubude Berlin, with the title "Digital ist besser?" During that research we saw the birth of a new, curious character: Ludwig.

Spiel Mit Mir

1 awarded project, 3 museums, 9 interactive characters, 97 animated exhibits.
The "Grassi für Kinder" competition was the chance to play with the archive of the Museum of Applied Arts, Music Instruments and Ethnography. Together with Daniel Huber and Raumsektor we created a permanent, interactive installation that lets the Grassimuseum visitors enjoy its collection in a contemporary and playful way.

Chubby Fingers

In collaboration with ATÖLYE Istanbul, Atelier Perelà took part to the development of a concept for a new tablet's Kids’ Mode.
Safety, care for design and quality of the user experience were the driving forces behind the project. Through workshops in schools we tested and shared prototypes with kids, developing a group of friendly mascots acting as a guide through the whole tablet experience. We worked with a team of 6 illustrators, depicting diverse topics to address different ages and mood.

Stop-motion Workshop

Would you like to transform every object around you in a character? Do you want to learn how to give life to a paper-cut, a piece of modeling clay a lego construction? You already tried on your own but the result is bulky flickering animation?
In the workshop you learn the basics of animation, how creatively work with materials, and how tips, tricks and best practices to save time and focus on creating amazing stories.
Do you wanna know more?

Atelier Perelà is a project of Alessandro Maggioni. I’m happy to hear from you, and see how can we create something precious together.

ART DIRECTION | concept, brand identity, graphic design
ILLUSTRATION | paper artwork, stage props, vector graphics, live performances
PRODUCTION | stopmotion, 2d animation, editing, cinematography
WORKSHOP | arts and craft, stopmotion, multimedia


Originally from Como Lake, Italy, Alessandro Maggioni lives and works in Berlin.
He is an artist and industrial designer with a focus in communication, who began his career combining digital media applied to design, videography and architecture.
His interest in the role of analog in digital culture expanded into the exploration of the world of handmade papercraft and stop-motion animation. The wish of sharing this knowledge with younger generations takes form into a series of workshops given in kindergartens, schools and media festivals.
In 2016 he co-founded BadaboomBerlin with Daniel Huber, where he currently develops interactive collective playful installations and researches innovative applications for theater, museums and art theraphy. in 2017 the studio is awarded with the  title of “Kultur- und Kreativpiloten Deutschland”.
His work constantly shifts between handy-craft, technology and imagination. In workshops, he empowers everyone from children to professionals to create their own stories in a positive and proactive media culture for the new generations.
He combines the methods of a designer with an artist’s imagination, to create thrilling and charming worlds of adventure for both children and adults.

Alessandro maggioni , Eisenbahnstr.7 - 10997 Berlin