My best buddy is a starfish robot bird lemon monster

Children can choose their favourite characters for a safe
and playful experience in the “Kids´mode” of a new tablet
-with ATÖLYE Istanbul (2015)

In 2015 Atelier PERELÀ was invited by ATÖLYE Istanbul to take part to the early phase development of a new tablet. The focus was on creating a safe experience for kids, that could result into an inclusive experience for different ages.
Coordinating a group of illustrators, we have come up with a palette of designs that present a wide range of emotions. The process included a workshop to gather feedback from children, that would later be implemented in different designs.


YEAR: 2015
SERVICES: Art direction, illustration, Workshop planning & lead
ILLUSTRATORS: Nurbanu Asena, Bülent Gültek, Başak Ağaoğlu, Aslı Smith, Alessandro Maggioni