Let's Make a Movie!!

Can we sing the ZAK!-ZAK! song?

5-year old children write a plot, animate and voice dub
the characters of animated shortfilms from scratch to DVD
-with L’angolino kindergarten (2012-13-14)

The Patapum Drum

A great day today – in the village of Macombo Aral and Giré are excited for the initiation ceremony, but apparently drum teacher Patapum seems still asleep – will they never manage to fly the village?

One Thousand and One Pumpkins

Have a seat at the table – today you are eating at the castle of King Giuseppino, who will welcome his guests with the most delicious Pumpkin recipes he has been perfectioning in the last weeks!

The Starfish Constellation

Who is making all this noise? the two thieves named Puffish and Sawfish managed to break free and are celebrating on the beach ! Will Otto the policeman manage to catch them?