We are landing on the planet of ice! magic plants!the monster!

A rocket, a crew, one mission:
to bring the sound of remote galaxies to babies and their families
– with IMAGINAria

“Sound of Stars” is the first result of collaboration between the music ensamble IMAGINAria and DKS Shanghai. Together we crafted an experience on and off stage, to take children aged 0-4 and their families on a journey through the history of Central European classical music, including works representative of the four periods: Baroque with composers such as Bach or Telemann, Classicism with Mozart, Romanticism with Tschaikovski and 20th century with Schostakovich, Bartok and Malcom Arnold. In addition, traditional Chinese songs and improvisations have been included in the program for the Premiere in Shanghai. The format allowed us to create some interactive moments with the kids in a workshop, where we could send many colored starships up in the sky.

Pictures © courtesy of DKS Shanghai


CLIENT: DKS Shanghai
YEAR: 2019
SERVICES: Project management, art direction, objects production, performance, workshop planning & lead
TEAM: Hugo Rodriguez Herrero – clarinet, Franka Herwig – accordeon, Alessandro Maggioni – objects & projections