Every six month a new installation by artists collaborating with Schaubude Berlin is presented in its windows facing Greiwalder Street, a busy spot for people waiting for the bus or the next S-Bahn train. The theater, a reference fo figure- and object theater in Germany, is a long time partner of BADABOOMBERLIN since the art-residency “Digital ist besser?”.The studio was asked to realize a new installation, celebrating 25 years of activity, evolved from hosting classical puppetry shows to being one of Germany´s propeller for contemporary object theater with its festival “Theater der Dinge”.
The installation stayed on display for more than one year, and now part of it can be seen at BADABOOMBERLIN studio in Kreuzberg.


LOCATION: Schaubude Berlin
Schaubude Berlin
YEAR: 2018
SERVICES: Project management, concept, illustration, production, realization, installation
LIGHT DESIGN: Benjamin Hohnheiser, Werner Wallner