18 paper monsters in 3 hours!!

Come discover the scary monsters created by participants of the kids workshop at NODE 15 Festival.


Cut & Learn

Node Festival takes place every 2 years in Frankfurt.
It’s the place to be to see how the wonderful vvvv software can be used in so many creative ways and different applications.
Anton and Alessandro joined forces once again to create another session of The Shadow Paper MonsterZ, this time with the aim of giving kids the chance to create monsters out of cutout paper and simultaneously be able to play, dance and laugh with their newly created friend.
It was also the chance to discover how stopmotion animation works, and show the kids the tricks of the whole interaction. But as you can hear from their voices, they have it all clear!


Header picture by Nemanja Knežević  © All Rights Reserved

Anton Mezhiborskiy
Alessandro Maggioni

Node 15 team

Nemanja Knežević