How many ways can you tell a story?

The adventure of a white piece of paper that turns into a book, an animated short film, and soon into an interactive app for kids.


The Book

Gideon’s Tale is the adventure of a peacock living in the king’s garden, on his quest for a different life outside the castle walls.
It’s a tender coming-of-age story, told with white paper cutouts, whose clean and simple lines let the reader’s imagination fly free.
But it’s also a special book. It features a hard lasercut cover and removable cardboard silhouette kids can use to draw, play with shadows, or anything they can imagine!


The Shortfilm

What happens when paper begins to move? The short film has been animated through Stop Motion and Live Action technique, with our hands and lot of patience. Some of those animations are also the little magic moments in the app with an aim to bridge this handcrafted material into a technological format that today stands as a standard for kids’ education.

The App

We want to bring this story to kids, and we couldn’t do it without considering the way they read, play, and learn today.
Through the app – currently in development – they’ll have more possibilities to enjoy Gideon’s adventure, with color and sound breaking through the white world. Interaction will allow the little curious users to discover hidden detail in the paper world, as beautiful plants and wonderful tails, as well the chance to bring their creativity into the story.

Chiara Pagano

Alessandro Maggioni

Stefano Mandato

Amrei Andrasch

Marco Bianchi

Stephan Jonas