As paper cutouts or vectors, for wall applications
and set design


With stop-motion technique, digital and as interactive installations


Development of concepts, visual identity and cross-media projects


Workshop design and hosting for kids, young and grown ups, with focus on multimedia

Creativity For Kids And Grown-ups

Atelier Perelà tells stories.
Stories written on the walls of a kindergarten, or whispered behind layers of paper.
Tales to be discovered or created together with children, like a treasure hidden in a museum.
In several different ways, we combine analog media and digital technologies, to create the magic:
making  kids and grown-ups smile together.

Since 2011, I have lived and worked in Berlin.
After several years of collaborating with architecture, design and videography, I began to explore how to combine handmade media and digital technologies. Atelier Perelà is the space where I play and experiment to create thrilling and charming worlds of adventure for both children and adults.